Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 4/27/2012 & the Weekend: Art and Commerce

Thank God It’s Friiiiiied-day! Moon in Cancer, sign of Mom and apple pie, makes only one connection during business hours, and it’s a communicative one to jolly Jupiter, the cosmic sugar daddy, exact at 3:59PM ET. This suggests a high note to finish off your work week and certainly a very happy hour at cocktail time.

What could possibly distract you today? Ohhh…maybe a strict, disciplined focus required by authoritative Saturn, running wild in the cosmos, along with Venus, which refers to art, love, money — the value of aesthetics — running wild in buzz-generating Gemini. Hmmm…art and commerce, running wild? Sounds like a perfect day for Edvard Munch’s masterpiece “The Scream” to be previewed at Sothebys — ahead of its auction on May 2nd. It’s apparently going to be a huge season in the art world — makes sense to me!

Moon goes void at 3:05AM ET Saturday, not to enter regal, playful Leo until 12:10PM ET, and you better believe I’m sleeping in. Moon voids are divine opportunities for catching up on rest, meditation, yoga, creative brainstorming and going with the flow. Find out more about voids in the forecast posted on February 10, 2012 — it’s in the archives. After 12:10PM you can play king or queen of your castle whilst seeking love and adoration from your subjects. Such is the need of Moon in Leo — and now you know how to handle someone who has that in his or her horoscope. Have fun!

Drama and play continue through Sunday, intensified by a potent connection between resourceful Pluto and the Sun. News from underground, power plays and/or a discovery of resources may be in the headlines or your own personal world…motivated by a challenge to whatever agenda you set for yourself at the time of the New Moon. Why? Because the First Quarter Moon is exact at 5:57AM ET, that’s why. That suggests a challenge…so deal with it and adjust your plans accordingly, without too much sturm and drang. True to the spirit of the Leo Moon, a playful approach can be highly effective.


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