Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 4/26/2013: Postcards from the Sparkly Void

An indulgent opposition between Venus (art, women, money, social expression) in sensual, material-security seeking Taurus and the Moon in depth-seeking Scorpio sets the tone for the day at 4:56AM ET. What is mine, what is yours and what is ours, already? And how stubbornly fixated are we going to be about it? 4:56AM ET is also when the Moon goes void-of-course until 7:32AM ET on Saturday, suggesting that efforts to move forward a straight line may be thwarted by twists…or perhaps a wandering sense of meh. Chill if you can, and take care of what is routine…or let your mind wander further in a pixie dust-sprinkled creative or spiritual effort, aided and abetted by a communicative connection between aggressive Mars, softened by nebulous Neptune — exact at 9:47PM ET. Did someone say pixie dust? Here’s a story about young British royals having a perfectly magical day of charity at the film studios where “Harry Potter” was made —  posted less than an hour ago. Coincidence or conspiracy?

Yea verily, it could be a fine evening for music..and definitely perfect for starting the weekend early.

I’ll write later on the rest of the weekend and fill you in on the news…there’s a lot of it…and most of it aligned with the never-ending status quo-disrupting, corruption-exposing Uranus-Pluto square….stay tuned…

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