Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 4/24/2015 & the Weekend: Party On! (Except Barack Obama)

Today’s major planetary action occurred in the early morning, with the sensitive Cancer Moon rattled and/or fired up by contacts to intense Pluto, action hero Mars and rebel Uranus — all by 9AM ET.  No chance of sleeping in today with that kind of buzz.

At 1:04PM ET, Moon goes void on a communicative connection to Mercury, facilitating whatever you might have to say about getting needs for emotional and home(land) security met. No need to make a crisis about it, though some may be inclined to do so while the Moon is in a wandering freefall — challenged by its efforts to move forward in a straight line. Take care of routine matters; roll with whatever twists and flakes may crop up; avoid shopping sprees and  making mountains out of molehills. An evening at home — or with your favorite gal pal — is not a bad strategy under the light of the Cancer Moon.

Moon engages in Leo at 9:13AM ET, encouraging drama queens everywhere to take center stage in efforts to be loved and adored. An easy flow between Moon and Saturn  at 4:09PM ET facilitates serious effort. Use it to push through the challenges that may emerge regarding seeds planted on last week’s visionary New Moon, thanks to the First Quarter square between the Sun and Moon at 7:55PM ET.

An exuberant meet-up at 11:04AM ET on Sunday between the Moon and Jupiter lifts spirits. Dinner with unusual friends or an appreciation of some other innovative, unconventional aesthetic would be favored, courtesy of an alignment between Venus and Uranus. Did you know that astrology is ruled by Uranus? Don’t be surprised if your conversations have a metaphysical flavor, as Moon will be engaged with both Uranus and Venus around 8PM ET.

Caveat: on a clash between the regal Moon and assertive Mars at 11:34PM ET, avoid going to bed angry on Sunday night. Do something else with that willful force of nature. On Monday, the Moon will be void from 10:12AM ET until 9:07PM ET. Same way we started the work week last week…

And now, the news.

All I have to say right now is that ever since Barack Obama read a collection of Mean Tweets directed at him on Jimmy Kimmel’s show last month, I’ve been noting how transiting Saturn has been impacting Mr. Obama’s horoscope. Avid readers will recall that Saturn (authority, ambition, structure) was at the top of his chart at the end of last year, suggesting (as I had been writing for months and months), that he would be at the top of his game. Saturn has moved off his 28 degree Scorpio Midheaven and is now at 3 degrees Sagittarius. That’s an exact opposition to his Gemini Moon. Saturn-Moon transits can lead one to feel lonely and unlovable.

Yea verily, this is a heavy pattern, and with the Moon and Saturn ruling areas of Mr. Obama’s horoscope that refer to “behind the scenes” influences, one can only imagine what’s cooking. Yesterday, we saw a few manifestations. First, a fast-track approval process for the seriously behind-the-scenes Trans-Pacific Partnership appears to have been OK’d in Congress. Some people think this is a very bad idea. They might be happier to hear that in Florida,  the president took a hard line against those who deny that climate change is real — Happy Earth Day, America! Third, and heaviest of all — was the announcement that an unmanned drone strike in Pakistan had killed an American and an Italian hostage, both of whom were being held by al-Qaeda. That drone strike allegedly happened on a militant Mars-Saturn pattern on January 15th. Mr. Obama accepted “full responsibility” for this Epic Fail. Heavy.

Saturn will be exactly at the top of Mr. Obama’s chart from July 3rd until September 1st, offering plenty of opportunities for him to demonstrate more hard lines and executive authority. Saturn will oppose his Moon for the third and final time the week before Halloween.

In your own personal world, it’s good to know about Saturn transits. Much can be accomplished, but discipline and focus is required. Feelings of depression and isolation are also not uncommon, which is why it is super-helpful to have an astrologer to help you put these heavy times in perspective. You can plan ahead for these challenges — and actually look forward to them. Doesn’t that sound like fun? Here’s how to schedule a personal consultation.

Thank you for reading this forecast.

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