Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 2/15/2013 & The Weekend: Down to Earth

Moon enters Taurus as of 5:08AM ET, putting out fires and favoring a slower, steadier pace. Taurus needs material security and creature comforts more than other signs, so use this day of most excellent earthy, practical energy to build a structure for the great ideas you pitched this week. You are well-supported by resourceful connections among Mars (action), potent Pluto and disciplined Saturn. Your biggest obstacle is resistance to change — either your own or in other people. Use patience and persistence to push through boundaries….unless you happen to be an asteroid getting closerthanthis to Earth. What — you didn’t hear about the asteroid cruising by the ‘hood today? You can watch it here — starting at 2PM ET.

On Saturday, the Taurus Moon carries us through the day and perhaps to your local Home Depot. There is no Moon void to distract you on your quest for material acquisitions, so feel free to shop without worrying if what you buy on impulse will be of use in a few weeks’ time. The evening starts off with an indulgent square between the sensual Moon and Venus in quirky Aquarius at 5:48PM ET,  adding an exotic spice to your usual comfort food, wine, company and song.

Only a few patterns of note on Sunday. The First Quarter Moon, which often presents a challenge to whatever agenda you set on the New Moon, is exact at 3:31PM ET. It goes void until 4:50PM ET, when it enters chatty Gemini. Perhaps that challenge will give you something to talk about. A dreamy/bewildering square to the Moon from nebulous Neptune casts a rose-colored fog around 10:19PM ET. More music, art and/or spiritual escapes?

Oh there is so much to write about in the news: Marco Rubio and Oscar Pistorius and the Violence Against Women Act…and much, much more. I will post later with the astro-logical deets on why these men and this piece of legislation are in synch with planetary patterns and making headlines at this time.

Meanwhile, rest assured that while Valentines’ Day is behind us, personal consultation specials are available all through February. You’ll want to check in with your astrologer and RE-view your life now that Mercury will be turning retrograde on the 23rd.



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