Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 2/11/2011 and the Weekend

“Stubborn” and “digging in their heels” — see the forecast for 2/10 and 2/9 — as I wrote those words last night and the night before, thoughts of the situation in Egypt did cross my mind. Fascinating to see this headline on AOL:  “Mubarak Isn’t Stepping Down and Protesters Are Furious”|aim|dl1|sec1_lnk2|43299  I took a quick glance at Mubarak’s horoscope, and wouldn’t you know it, he is a Taurus (stubbornness personified) — with apparently Moon in “need to control” Scorpio. Stubborn as he may be, his horoscope suggests tremendous pressure from forces beyond his control. Stay tuned…

Friday may bring a challenge or charge to your New Moon agenda, thanks to the First Quarter Moon at 2:18AM EST. A possibly strange blend of dreamy inspiration and eccentric innovation may come in handy this afternoon on both coasts….with fine print and details to be hashed out later. Moon goes void at 2:27PM EST, suggesting a three-hour break to chill, daydream, brainstorm, take care of routine business until Moon enters chatty, flexible Gemini at 5:20PM EST.  If you have important business already scheduled during the void, don’t freak out. Just be aware that the flake factor is higher than usual, roll with any twists that may occur. A “twist” may be as benign as your waitress cheerfully saying, “Good Morning!”, even though it’s 3:30 in the afternoon.

The next Moon void doesn’t occur until 10:19PM EST on Sunday — shop away, if that’s on your agenda. Saturday is quiet; Sunday is looking balanced and quite productive, if you have to work. It’s a good weekend for ideas, conversation, entertainment and information — have fun exercising your brain.

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