Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 1/7/2011 and the Weekend

The poster child for the big meeting between expansive Jupiter and innovative, “out of the blue” Uranus in compassionate, intangible Pisces has to be Ted Williams, the formerly homeless man with the “golden voice”, whom the entire free world was moved to assist, as anyone who doesn’t live under a rock now knows:

Jupiter and Uranus met up at 7:52AM on Tuesday, the day Ted’s story was posted on YouTube. The rest is history. Jupiter and Uranus connections are often experienced as sudden windfalls and changes of fortune, and it’s always fun to see what happens when these two planets are active in your horoscope.  I suspect that Ted Williams is not the only miraculous story that can occur this week — or next — even if it doesn’t make headlines. I challenge you to make a miracle happen: seize or create an opportunity — or look around you and see who might need a helping hand. Be a hero!

Friday we have a bit of a wobble: Venus finally leaves Scorpio, bringing relief from the intensity of relationships we’ve experienced over the past few months — and moves into rambunctious Sagittarius. Well, that ought to lighten things up; enjoy the gamble/gambol over the next few weeks. It may take time to adjust to the new vibe, and initial enthusiasm may be dampened by the potential wet blanket of Saturn’s challenge to the Sun early Friday AM (see earlier forecasts this week for details). But this too, shall pass. Moon is void from 3:51 to 9:57PM NY time, potentially throwing twists into scheduled meetings, enhancing brainstorming capacity and suggesting a major chill. Here in New York, our twist will likely come from travel plans delayed by more snow. Yippee!

Saturday and Sunday are relatively quiet. No major planetary activity and no void-of-course Moon to interfere with post-holiday shopping sprees. Moon is in Pisces, suggesting a weekend of going with the flow and exploring intangibles: art, spirit and music. Relax now, because come Monday the buzz will begin again. I’m anticipating intriguing breakthroughs and big and brilliant ideas– get ready to put them out there.

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