Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 1/31/2014 & the Weekend: Soul Food; Amanda Knox Update

Lots of planetary shifts today, as noted in Monday’s forecast. In addition to Venus turning direct and the “power and resources” opposition between expansive Jupiter and ruthless Pluto, mental Mercury sloooowly slips into dreamy Pisces until February 12th. Thoughts, travel and communication could be sublime or surreal over the next week, as nebulous Neptune is close enough to Mercury to cast its usual rose-colored, pixie-dust spell. Plus this New Moon was a Supermoon — a term coined by astrologer Richard Nolle decades ago. Nolle often notes the increased potential for weird, wild weather before and after a Supermoon. Certainly the folks down South — which was apparently paralyzed by a rare snowstorm this week — could appreciate that notation.

Get it off your desk by 11:45AM ET if you want to ship something of consequence. The Aquarius Moon makes two connections this morning: first to stern Saturn at 10:56AM ET, suggesting a reach for ambition or a cold shoulder. At 11:45AM ET the Moon goes void-of-course on an easy connection to action hero Mars, not to enter Pisces until 10:45PM ET. Gosh, wouldn’t it be nice if you could spend some time during this long natural rest period by honoring the New Moon suggestion to chill, go with the flow and turn in? If you must move forward, remember to be patient with any twists or delays that may hinder your efforts. How interesting that I just pulled a Tarot card — from the Osho Zen deck — and it was this: TURNING IN.

At 10:45PM ET, Moon enters dreamy Pisces. Less cerebral; more soulful is what Saturday suggests. Optimism, depth and social graces flow easily into the evening. Music, film, spirit, healing and other intangibles, anyone? More of the same on Sunday, except that the Moon goes void for another long spell starting at 11:34AM ET, so do your major shopping on Saturday. Moon enters Aries just before midnight — presumably well after the end of the Super Bowl, which will kick off some time Sunday after 6:30PM ET in East Rutherford, New Jersey. Sports matches during Moon voids often favor the underdog and other surprise upsets…

Meanwhile, our do-nothing Congress actually did something earlier this week when it finally passed a farm bill. How wonderfully in synch with the resources-themed opposition between Jupiter in (food, nourishment) Cancer and Pluto in (government) Capricorn. Much was noted in the headlines about one provision that will cut $8 billion in food stamps, though some also noted that it could have been worse. For example, it could have been a member of Congress, not a “child nutrition manager” who personally took away the lunches of 40 schoolchildren in Utah because they did not have money in their lunch accounts…and then threw the lunches in the trash. And before everyone screams, “well of course, because Utah,” let me share another Jupiter in home/emotional security-seeking Cancer story. Did you know that Utah is reportedly on track to end homelessness in the state by 2015? And they are doing it by giving the homeless homes…because it’s simply more cost-effective? Author Malcolm Gladwell wrote about this novel approach in Outliers here’s the excerpt.

In other news, Amanda Knox received the upsetting and presumably bewildering news that a court in Italy once again found her guilty of murder, even though another court had overturned the original conviction a few years earlier. So there must be planetary patterns in her horoscope that suggest potential bewilderment and/or upset, right? And that if it’s “bewilderment,” it’s probably Neptune…and if it’s an “upset,” it’s likely Uranus. And in fact there are current arcs and transits involving Neptune and Uranus to planets in her natal chart. This case is far from over, however, as there will be another appeal. Things could be “lucky” for Ms. Knox when Jupiter conjoins her Cancer Sun later this year. We’ll have to wait and see how her next appeal meshes with another potentially bewildering Neptune transit in 2015.

Have a good weekend!

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