Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 12/5/2014 & the Weekend: Gemini Buzz

Talking up a storm perhaps, as the Moon enters chatterbox Gemini at 5:28AM ET and aligns with energetic Mars, now in far-out Aquarius moments later. Your imagination may be working overtime around 2:21PM ET, when Moon is challenged by visionary Neptune, but innovative thinking can carry the day, thanks to an easy connection between mental Mercury and rocket scientist Uranus at 10:44PM ET.

Saturday at 7:27AM ET, the Moon will be Full at 14 degrees of Gemini, illuminating whatever projects you launched on the New Moon two weeks ago and elevating the demand for information, communication, clever entertainment, multi-tasking and general buzz. Get out and about and take care of your chores; there’s no Moon void to dissuade your shopping endeavors.

Chill out on Sunday morning, when the Moon will be void from 4:52AM until 12:34PM ET. Moon voids are excellent for catching extra zzzzs, tuning in to your intuition and being willing to wander. After the void, Moon enters homebody Cancer, facilitating a need to tend to domestic and family obligations, and feed your soul with a dinner made from scratch. Rose-colored glasses are suitable for your evening wear, given an easy alignment between the Moon and visionary Neptune, along with an idealistic meet-up between the high-flying Sun and Mercury in Sagittarius that will be exact early on Monday. How perfect for seeing your family in an ideal light.


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