Astro-logical Forecast for Friday & the Weekend 1/20-22/2012: That’s a Wrap

At 11:10AM ET, Sun enters Aquarius, the Water Bearer. Keywords: humanitarian, mental, rebel, freedom, unconventional, best buddy you could ever have. Ruling planet: Uranus, disruptor of the status quo, and ruler of space aliens, mad scientists and other weird, wacky people.

Moon is still in high-flying Sagittarius, well supported by the potential for inspired practicality and practical inspiration (exact connections between Moon and Saturn (practical) and Neptune (inspired) are around 4:30PM ET). Take a quick Moon void break from 4:50PM – 5:40PM ET, and then get ready for one last dose of “make it happen” drive when Moon enters Capricorn at 5:40PM ET.  This evening may bring a surprise or a jolt, suggested by a challenge to Moon from rebel Uranus, and the rest of the evening suggests enthusiasm, suggested by a connection to Moon from Jupiter — and perhaps enthusiasm for the expression and/or processing of intense feelings brought up by an easy connection between transformational Pluto and loving Venus. That potential continues into the early AM hours on Saturday.

The rest of Saturday is excellent for chores and wrapping up your New Moon agenda. Innovation may hit today, courtesy of an easy contact between Uranus and the Sun at 8:21PM ET — you may find yourself in the company of some quirky, but friendly types. Sunday is another day for getting things done — hopefully not in a too expensive way, suggested by a challenge between cosmic sugardaddy Jupiter and the Sun. I will confess I have been positively drooling over sublime sofas in pricey catalogs — but I am not — repeat, NOT — indulging in a purchase at this time, as it is simply not practical.

Heads up: New Moon at 2:39AM ET on Monday; Mars turns retrograde at 7:54PM ET on Monday, too. More anon…



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