Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 11/16/2012 & the Weekend: Mars in Capricorn

While you were sleeping (for readers in the US), Moon charged into the enterprising sign of Capricorn, armed with a hammer and plenty of nails. You may have woken up inspired by a sublime or surreal vision, as Moon formed an easy connection with nebulous Neptune. Welcome to the next two days of making that vision happen, and let’s hope it’s more sublime than surreal.

Building your empire may require considerable flexibility, courtesy of challenges from the Usual Suspects, rebel Uranus (1:32PM ET) and ruthless Pluto (6:18P ET). Acts of aggression may generate more attention than anyone anticipated, courtesy of Mars hitting a highly-charged point in the zodiac as it moves into  Capricorn at 9:36PM ET. And here I would be thinking of the unfortunate headlines about escalating battles in the Middle East. On the plus side, the action-oriented energy of Mars is very comfortable in earthy Capricorn. So long as you keep your temper in check (and are not held hostage by the outbursts of others), you may move a mountain or two in your own personal world. Mars will be in Capricorn through December 25th.

These next several days can be quite productive for artists, healers and other creative types who work with intangibles (including music). There’s a lovely communicative energy on Saturday that supports rose-colored ideals with practicality. Sunday, after a six hour Moon void between 1 and 7 AM ET, Moon moves into humanitarian Aquarius, facilitating group project of all kinds, the more socially significant, the better.

In yesterday’s news recap, we noted strikes across Europe in protest of continued austerity measures being proposed and/or enacted as a way to resolve economic crises that are marching inexorably to a head in January. Mercury retrograde tends to increase the likelihood of strikes, as if somehow workers intuitively know they should be taking some time off  ; ) Did you know that here in the US, some WalMart workers are also on strike? Planetary patterns are building to a potentially volatile release between the 20th and the 29th. Just giving you a heads up if you plan to spend your Thanksgiving weekend anywhere near a minefield, whether it’s real or metaphorical. This would include shopping malls on Black Friday. Once again, the blokes at The Guardian have more on the WalMart story




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