Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 11/26/2010 and the Weekend

Hopefully you all enjoyed the relative equilibrium suggested by yesterday’s easy connection between Sun in enthusiastic, opinionated, high-flying Sagittarius and Moon in playful, generous, indulgent Leo; it was the only exact aspect on Friday. Here in the US, holiday shoppers responded by enthusiastically hitting the stores and indulging in multiple material expressions of generosity. Recession? What recession? Not yesterday. How lucky for retailers!

Today there may be even more things on your to-do list…or your shopping list, and I bet you’ve got all sorts of imaginative, innovative ideas on what to buy and how to accomplish buying it. Or on whatever else you are doing, if you are not shopping. And now, a word from our sponsor: if you’re looking for a gift that screams IT’S ALL ABOUT YOU!, why not give a gift certificate for an astro-logical consultation? A horoscope for a newborn baby is a lovely gift for parents, too. Contact me for details. And now, back to our program: Your inspiration and motivated, ingenious, creative problem-solving arrives courtesy of productive connections to Mercury (mind) and innovative Uranus and inspirational Neptune. Dreamy, perhaps even magical thinking prevails into the evening hours.

Sunday is more practical. The need to organize, refine and perfect is suggested by Moon going into chaste, sometimes persnickety Virgo at 4:34AM NY time. A final challenge to your New Moon agenda may show up this afternoon…or be on your desk first thing Monday morning. Stay tuned…

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