Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 11/15/2013 & the Weekend: Full Moon in Taurus

East Coasters may experience an unusual or slow start to the morning, given that the Aries Moon will be void until 9:49AM ET.  Sleeping in late, pouring water over whole coffee beans or having to take a different route to the office are not uncommon occurrences during Moon voids. And that can be a very good thing.

After that, we’ve got one of my favorite planetary patterns: almost an entire weekend with the Moon in material comfort and security-seeking Taurus. Oh, the pleasures of good food, wine, music and snuggle time with that special Significant Other. Even if you don’t have an S.O., you can still bliss out at the spa. A dreamy connection to the Moon from nebulous Neptune stimulates the imagination, and an intense hookup between Venus and “resistance is futile” Pluto deepens emotional experiences in the late afternoon. A challenge between the Moon and mental Mercury in penetrating Scorpio suggests that what is said in the evening is not likely to be casual. All this intensity does come with a caveat: if you’re around jealous or vengeful types, watch your back, as we may see a few “crimes of passion” in the headlines. Especially since the Moon is waxing Full; thus, emotions are running high.

There’s no Moon void on Saturday to stop you from your Hannukah and other holiday gift shopping — or from checking out yard sales. If you’re looking for the former, I can’t think of a more practical or thoughtful gift than an astro-logical consultation…and of course, operators are standing by.

Other than a potential downer of a challenge between Moon and stern Saturn around 3:07PM ET on Saturday, exact planetary patterns are relatively easy and energetic.  Sunday, we’ll see a Full Moon at 10:16AM ET which should shed light and/or force a release of something related to the New Moon agenda you set two weeks ago. You’ll have most of the day to process whatever that something is, given that the Moon goes void right on the Full Moon…and won’t enter Gemini, the next sign, until 7:07PM ET.  Given the void, I have no expectations that I am going to find anything useful at the clothing swap I’ll be attending in Jersey, but it will be nice to release some winter stuff I haven’t worn in years.

The Sabian Symbols for Sunday’s Full Moon — at 26 degrees of Scorpio (Sun)  and Taurus (Moon) are “Indians making camp” and “a Spaniard serenading his senorita.” Sabian Symbol guru Blain Bovee suggests these two images share a theme of “finding one’s new place out in the world,” perhaps with a “home is where the heart is” sentiment. Keep your eyes open for a campy sense of humor, too. I can’t help but notice that the Taurus Moon is conjoined with a Fixed Star called Algol; the keywords for Algol are “female passion and intensity” and “losing your head”…historically not always in pretty ways. Could make for some sensational headlines…

No Moon void on Monday means no sleeping in. Up and at ’em!

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