Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 11/11/11: the November 2011 Elections

As I type, a group of colleagues are enjoying an impromptu pizza lunch, sponsored by one of the department’s Designated Authority Figures. All was quiet initially, but now, nearly an hour after the lunch began at 12:30PM ET,  they are still in the conference room, chilling out and going with the flow. All this after Moon in Taurus was challenged by nebulous Neptune at 11:27AM ET and then went void of course…not to enter chatty Gemini until 3:10PM ET. Sounds like a long lunch hour to me!

With the Moon in Gemini from 3:10PM ET today until 10:43PM ET on Sunday, you may find your weekend driven by a need for diversion, communication and information. No Moon voids suggest it is not an unfavorable time for making purchases, and the Gemini Moon suggests your purchasing decisions will be informed ones. In fact, making major purchases now, especially electronics, is not a bad idea, given that MERCURY WILL BE TURNING RETROGRADE  on NOVEMBER 24TH. That should put an interesting spin on holiday travel plans. Be prepared for delays and other snafus.

Finally, about the recent election, as promised. If you’ve been reading this forecast for over a year, you know that in the weeks leading up to last year’s election, Mercury was retrograde, suggesting that the information we got about the candidates during the campaign might be incomplete and/or just plain misleading or wrong. As we got closer to Election Day, Venus was retrograde, suggesting the strong possibility that we’d fall for a partner — or a political candidate — that was wholly unsuitable. As soon as Venus turned direct and got back to where it was when it turned retrograde, we’d have a serious case of Coyote Date Syndrome on our hands  We got to that point last year, about the time that Scott Walker, then newly-elected governor of Wisconsin, revealed his agenda and set off a then-unprecedented round of protests at the State Capitol.

So where are we now?  Across the country, voters pushed back against the agenda that seemed to be so popular a year ago. We’ve seen the rise of protests groups around the world, beginning with Occupy Wall Street. As suggested by the planetary patterns, especially the approaching challenge between disruptive, freedom-loving Uranus and ruthless, corruption-exposing, transformational Pluto, the masses are beginning to wake up from their collective trance, exactly when it was anticipated they would.  This is just the  beginning…

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