Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 10/12/2012 & The Weekend: That’s A Wrap

We are in the balsamic phase — the dark side — of the lunar cycle, during which it is appropriate to be wrapping up loose ends remaining from whatever intentions you set at the New Moon, which was on September 15th. The next lunar cycle begins — in Libra — on Monday, October 15th at 8:03AM ET. It is not uncommon for listlessness or restlessness to be an issue during the balsamic phase, as we sense that something new is coming, but we are not quite sure what.

Still, there is a lot to like about planetary patterns today. Moon is in Virgo, seeking to make everything all neat and organized, as it sifts and sorts through information presented, tossing out the chaff and keeping the wheat. These efforts are well-supported by a perspicacious connection to the Moon from regenerative Pluto (while you were sleeping at 3:56AM ET), and “feel-good” aspects from mental Mercury and loving Venus (exact between 9 and 11AM ET). An expansive, indulgent challenge from Jupiter at 7:48PM ET sets the tone for the evening and a major Moon void chill period from that time until 7:02PM ET Saturday, when the Moon enters relationship-oriented Libra.  No impulse purchases at yard sales tomorrow, if you please; otherwise, go where the day takes you…

Sunday may begin with a jolt, a twist or revelation, courtesy of an early morning clash between rebel Uranus and ruthless Pluto between 5-7AM ET. Then it is relatively smooth sailing until Monday’s New Moon, which at first glance looks lush and hopeful, with some nifty technological breakthroughs suggested, too (watch the headlines for those over the weekend). Details on the New Moon will be posted on Monday.

Meanwhile, a prominent Mars in fiery, opinionated Sagittarius during last night’s VP debate is definitely reflected in today’s headlines: “Biden, Ryan Clash in Fiery VP Debate” blares AOL. “In Biden-Ryan Quarrel, Sharp Contrasts” reports the New York Times, adding editorially “A Debate with Clarity and Fervor”  Clarity? Hmmm…with Neptune also prominent, the word “clarity” is a bit surprising. What does Fox News say? “Proxy Fight: Biden-Ryan Toe-to-Toe, It’s Clear They Don’t See Eye-to-Eye”. “Clear”. Wow. Anything else? How about this: “Biden’s Mom & Dad Taught Him Many Things, But Not Manners” — and here, there appears to be a lack of consensus. What did you see?

Meanwhile, debate moderator Martha Raddatz won praise for her forceful handling of last’s night joust. Born Feb 14, 1953, she is an Aquarius with Moon most likely in Pisces. Interesting to note her Mars (the energy to take action) in pioneering Aries, currently empowered by the Uranus-Pluto square. Not surprising at all that she would rise to any occasion requiring great force, persuasion or application of will.

Have a great weekend!



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