Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 3/28/2016: Sneak Peek at the Week; Mercury in the Hot Seat; Animal Totems

Good Morning!

The start of the work week is driven by the Moon in Sagittarius, seeking to push boundaries with righteous opinions and great enthusiasm. Quite a shift from the weekend’s Moon in contained and (often) controlling Scorpio, which needs to plumb depths and be seen as a force of awesome/fearsome substance.

On Sunday, the Moon was void from 3:25AM ET until 2:46AM ET. Did you go with the flow? Focus on routine concerns? Roll with any twists that may have cropped up in your efforts to move forward in a straight line? I confess that after a week chock-full of personal consultations, I did not even look at the weekend’s planetary patterns.  That’s how astrologers unwind.

So while I did not consciously appreciate that the Moon was void on Sunday, I was still inspired — completely unplanned — to focus on a routine task and plumb the depths — of my closets — packing away heavy sweaters and purging items that no longer appealed. Most of the dresses and skirts I’ve carefully collected over the past 20 years were kept, but most all of the shorts and slacks need to be replaced. “You look like you’re wearing clown pants,” said my designated wardrobe consultant, a double Scorpio whose naturally piercing commentary was boosted by the day’s transiting Scorpio Moon.

I owe the “clown pant look” to five months of following the dietary guidelines outlined in The China Study, which you may recall my mentioning here before. I discovered this book in the aftermath of last September’s eclipse, which directly hit the ruler of my Sixth House (health/diet), along with another major transit to the ruler of my Second House, suggesting a potentially radical change in values. And here I am, six months later and fifteen pounds lighter — which is amazing, because I did not make this lifestyle change because I wanted to lose weight. And even though I am totally bummed that my hot pink golf skirt no longer fits, it’s a small price to pay for the rewards of following the recipes in The China Study Cookbook (and others of its ilk).

Who knew?

Opinions may be heated today around 4:12PM ET, as the Moon meets up with action/reactionary Mars, but it should all balance out around 8:11PM ET, as the Moon harmonizes with the Aries Sun. Then a rose-colored vibe seeps in, as the Moon is challenged by nebulous Neptune around 11:50PM ET.

Tuesday looks like an active day, as the Sagittarius Moon bounces off five planets before going void at 9:55PM ET. If your Wednesday gets off to a slow start or other twist, know that the Moon won’t enter Capricorn until 1:45PM ET. Then we can expect to be working mightily to make things happen with gusto until 12:39PM ET on FRIDAY, when the Moon goes void until 9:37PM ET. That’s your green light to sneak out of the office early, likely without consequence.

Planetary patterns are light on Saturday and Sunday, driven by an Aquarius Moon, which won’t be void until 7:16PM ET on SUNDAY. Shop your socks off.

The planet getting the most action this week is Mercury (mindset, communication, transportation). It’s zooming through Aries, needing to come up with its bright ideas before anyone else. Its spark is stabilized by Saturn on Tuesday at 11:02PM ET, but on Wednesday and Thursday, it is supercharged by ruthless Pluto and rebel/innovative Uranus, respectively. Check out what was happening during the last week of January, when we experienced this pattern twice. What was that like for you? On the plus side: there is potential for persuasive and pioneering communication and ideas. Technological breakthroughs and dirt brought to light. On the down side: choose your verbal battles carefully. You are more likely to be affected by this pattern if you have a planet or angle around 16 to 20 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. Consult your local astrologer for details.

And now, the news.

On Saturday, Bernie Sanders won caucuses in Alaska, Washington and Hawaii, earning a minimum of 70% of those voting in each state. As noted here almost a year ago, we would expect an intensification of influence to manifest in his life now and into the rest of the year, given transits in his horoscope — especially by Uranus. At a rally last week in Portland, Oregon, his stump speech was interrupted by a “tiny brown house finch” that flew on to his podium. The crowd went wild; the video went all over social media, and your astrologer Googled “finch animal totem” to learn what finches symbolize.

From Animal-Speak: The Spiritual and Magical Powers of Creatures Great and Small, by Ted Andrews:

A finch that becomes a totem will always increase opportunities to experience a variety of activities. Everything is going to be amplified…anytime a finch arrives, life is going to be more active.

On this webpage we find  paragraphs describing the finch as a symbol of joy and optimism. Senator Sanders did seem delighted by the finch’s unexpected — dare I say Uranian —  visit. As an exercise, consider noticing what animals show up in your life at unexpected times, and see how the symbolism applies.

Stay tuned for updates soon on Ted Cruz, John Kasich and Garry Shandling’s sudden passing. His doctor has apparently refused to sign the death certificate. What’s going on in Mr. Shandling’s horoscope? And what’s going on in yours? Here’s the 411 on personal consultations.

Thank you for reading this forecast.


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