Thursday 5/31/2018: In Brief, the Angst of Pluto on Saturn

Alll-righty then!

I have half an hour to kill before boarding a plane back to New York. Let’s see how much we can get accomplished. Getting things done and taking care of business is the name of the game on a this day driven by the Moon in “make it happen” Capricorn. Connect with your inner CEO!

This week we’re feeling the potential bliss of a rare harmony among Venus, Jupiter and Neptune. The technical term is “grand trine.” This ease of connection facilitates and amplifies matters related to women, money, art, social expression, faith, oil, drugs, scandal and most of all — EXPANSION — for better or for worse. For example, there is such a thing as too much water if you happen to be caught in a flood — and floods are a potential with this grand trine involving planets in Water Signs. On the other hand, the Illinois might be feeling so generous towards women and their economic status, that it might finally ratify the Equal Rights Amendment — 95 years after it had the chance to do so. Which it did! Gee, thanks, Illinois. Where were you 36 years ago, when there was a deadline to make this the law of the entire country?

And now, the news.

We talked about Roseanne Barr’s horoscope at the end of March:

Roseanne Barr is all over the news. The revival of her sitcom — Roseanne — has gotten rave reviews, with initial ratings to match.  What’s going on in her horoscope?  She’s a Scorpio, driven by the Moon in  Gemini, needing to be the cleverest, most intensely entertaining gal in the room, even if what comes out of her mouth is boundary-pushing and sloppy.  It needs to be with her Gemini Moon opposed by Mercury in Sagittarius. Her Scorpio Sun is currently under the expansive potential of Jupiter— soon to hit the top of  her horoscope this fall.  This adds to the bigness she needs to express in everything she is, suggested by her natal Jupiter (in comfort-seeking Taurus) opposing her natal Sun.  Her Ascendant is Aquarius, suggesting a need to be seen as a humanitarian — if perhaps in a somewhat eccentric, detached way.  Militant, explosive, innovative, fanatical and charismatic — an odd mix of the old guard and avant garde —  is suggested in a tense pattern among her Mars, Saturn, Neptune and Uranus. Those planets have been or will soon be supercharged by transiting Pluto.  We see the potential for persuasive action and disruption in the recent past, with a tremendous effort required now through 2019 that may be somewhat angst-driven.  We shall see.

Now I confess that when I wrote “somewhat angst-driven,” it was a deliberate understatement. The measurement suggesting more than “somewhat” angst-driven is a challenging connection between transiting Pluto and Saturn, exact on March 8 (just before the launch of her new TV show), and on June 8th (right after her show was cancelled). You did hear that the show was cancelled, yes? Just hours after she compared Valerie Jarrett (who is African-American), to an ape on Twitter?  And then blamed it on Ambien? The next hit of Pluto to Saturn happens next January. In Roseanne’s horoscope, Pluto refers to her career and public status; Saturn refers to matters of self-doing.  I doubt Roseanne is gone for good — and may well be back with another broadcasting/publishing/theatrical effort early next year.  Fun fact: racism is not a known side effect of Ambien, says the maker of Ambien.

You know who else is having a challenging aspect between Pluto and Saturn — in effect from the first of the year for the next several months — and exact at the end of April? Melania Trump.  We don’t have a birth time for Mrs. Trump, but it’s possible that her Moon is in early Capricorn, in which case we can see the potential for an ambitious reach (upside) or feelings of isolation and loss (downside) added to the extreme effort required by the tension between Pluto and Saturn. Today, transiting Mars is opposing her Taurus Sun, suggesting a need for action and assertion. And guess what? After not being seen in public for 20 days, her Twitter feed sent out a tweet asserting all was well.   However Mrs. Trump may be feeling, her horoscope appears to be functioning as designed. Astrology is amazing.  Fun fact: P45 will have a challenging measurement between Pluto and Saturn all through 2020.

But perhaps you would rather talk about your horoscope? When are you up for a challenging Pluto-Saturn adventure? It’s good to be prepared and plan ahead. Here is the 411 on personal consultations. We will have an excellent discussion together.

Thank you for reading this forecast. Gotta fly!