Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 2/23/2015: Sneak Peek at the Week

Good Morning!

A steady and solid Taurus Moon drives the day with a need to build and maintain security and comfort. As of 9AM  ET, it is cruising without interference, facilitating the growth of your New Moon seeds from last week. Around 9PM ET, there’s an easy flow of depth and potency, as the Moon and Pluto align. A challenge to the Moon from Jupiter at 9:57PM ET suggests expanse and/or expense, perhaps in an area of power and resources.

Moon goes void on that Moon-Jupiter square — not to enter Gemini until 11:54PM ET, so ship it today if you can. Otherwise you may find your project subject to curious delays and twists, thwarting your efforts to move forward in a straight line.  Routine planning and inspired communication can be quite constructive, however — thanks to an ease of energy flow between Venus (money, social expression, women) and Saturn at 9:58AM ET on Tuesday. That’s the only exact aspect of the day, and its potential can be seized and applied right now.

Wednesday is the busiest day this week. That’s when we’ll have the First Quarter Moon, presenting a challenge to the New Moon projects launched last week. Work it out, using another easy flow of energy supplied by Mars (working with efficiency in Aries) and Saturn. Headlines about progress and initiatives in the media and other collective belief systems, methinks…driven by a vision or fantasy. That strong idealism is suggested by the Sun’s annual meet-up with Neptune at 11:56PM ET. If you were born around the 25th of February or the 30th of August, May and December, you’re likely feeling the rose-colored fog more than most.

Other voids for the week: Thursday at 3:43AM ET until 7:50AM ET on FRIDAY. OK, so much for Thursday. Roll with the flakes and chill if events and appointments do not go as planned. Crises that crop up tend to be much ado about nothing. Avoid finalizing plans and impulse shopping sprees. Take time to recharge and allow yourself to wander. Moon will also be void on Saturday from 12:53pm ET until 6:34PM ET on SUNDAY.

I will add the news reflecting today’s heavy, no-nonsense Sun-Saturn square after I post this forecast at 10AM. Check back later today. Meanwhile, if you’re wondering how planetary patterns can be used to your personal advantage, here’s how you can contact me about scheduling an astro-logical consultation.