Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 11/15/2010

Your Monday AM, especially if you’re on the East Coast, could get off to a bumpy start, thanks to a challenge to Moon (feelings) from Mars (action) at 8:15AM  NY time. A possible clash of wills or someone’s loudmouthed opinion that could cause a little spat? That’s a possible downside. On a possible upside, you just might wake up with a burst of enthusiasm and energy as you prepare to tackle the work week. Who needs caffeine when you’ve got an easy connection to the Sun from expansive and sometimes downright jolly Jupiter, the Cosmic Sugar Daddy? If you’re born around March 13, November 14 or July 15, you may be on the receiving end of a special dose of good fortune — you might even splurge on a lottery ticket or two.

Whatever you have on your plate, get it done today if you can. The Moon will be void of course from 11:37AM – 5:59PM NY time on Tuesday, suggesting a day of rest, brainstorming, routine, flaking out…or things not going quite as planned.