Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 11/2/2010

Vote early. Seriously — if you haven’t voted by mail, get up and get to the polls in the morning; don’t wait until after work. Why? Because this AM we’ve got the Moon in analytical, discriminating Virgo making a supportive aspect with Mercury (mind, communication, travel) and the Moon is not void of course, suggesting that the probability of your vote actually counting is higher; that the your ballot won’t be eaten by the dog or an electronic snafu. As the day progresses, I anticipate a fever pitch of overblown analysis to clog the airwaves (Moon opposing expansive Jupiter), with Moon going void just as it opposes disruptive Uranus at 5:36PM LA time — that’s 8:36PM on the East Coast. You’re more likely to flake out during a void-of-course Moon, which is another reason I encourage you to vote in the morning.

During the void there is a higher potential for “much ado about nothing”, events not going as planned and underdogs triumphing in a surprise twist of fate. The Moon void ends at 1:19AM NY time on Wednesday — that’s when any confusion over outcomes will begin to clear.

We are voting during a Venus retrograde, suggesting that what we find attractive now, especially if it is a sexy, unproven thing, may not be what we find attractive a couple of months from now. Do your own due diligence — and vote. I’m Elisabeth Grace, and I approved this message.